The use of copper bus

1. Welding characteristics and welding process of copper bus bar

There are two types of copper busbar connection at the power station: bolt fastening and welding. Copper has excellent electrical conductivity
Properties, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, and processability, pure copper is industrial pure copper with a wcu of not less than 99.5%.
2. Copper welding characteristics
1.High thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity of pure copper is 8 times greater than that of carbon steel at room temperature. Pure copper weldments are locally heated to the melting temperature.
A large amount of heat is required; therefore, a heat source with concentrated energy is needed during welding, otherwise the heat will be quickly dissipated, and the weldment should be preheated when welding pure copper.
2. High thermal crack sensitivity. Various copper base materials always contain a certain amount of impurities to form a low melting eutectic.
The presence of eutectic thin films in the solidified state or heat-affected zone can cause cracks under the effect of welding stress.

3.High stomatal tendency.
The pores in the braze metal are mainly caused by hydrogen. When pure copper contains a certain amount of oxygen or CO gas is dissolved in pure copper, pores caused by water gas and CO 2 gas generated by the reaction between CO and 0 can also be attached. Generally, the air holes are distributed in the center of the weld and near the fusion line.

Post time: 2019-12-16