Месинг лист

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Широко се користи во електрични, автомобилски, комуникации, хардвер, декорација и други индустрии.

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Месинг лист заснован на електролитски бакар, цинк и елементи во трагови како негова суровина, преку обработка со прачки, топло валање, cold
тркалање, термичка обработка, чистење на површини, сечење, завршувањето, а потоа пакување. Перформанси на материјалните процеси, пластичност, механички својства, отпорност на корозија, перформанси и добар калај. It has been widely used in
electrical, автомобилски, комуникации, хардвер, декорација и други индустрии.

Детали за производот:

H59 CuZn40 C28000 C2800
H62 CuZn40 C27400 C2740
H63 CuZn37 C27200 C2700
H65 CuZn35 C26800 C2680
H68 CuZn30 C26000 C2600
H70 CuZn30 C26000 C2600
H80 CuZn20 C24000 C2400
H85 CuZn15 C23000 C2300
H90 CuZn10 C22000 C2200
H95 CuZn5 C21000 C2100
Grade (China) Grade (Japan) Temper Thickness/mm Tensile Strength Rm/(N/mm2) Elongation A1 1.3/% Hardness
T2 T3 C1100 O60 more than 0.15 no less than 195 no less than 30 no more than 70
TU1 TU2 C1020 H01 215-295 no less than 25 60-95
TP1 TP2 C1220 H02 245-345 no less than 8 80-110
H04 295-395 no less than 3 90-120
H06 no less than 350 no less than 110
H95 C2100 O60 no less than 0.2 no less than 215 no less than 30
H04 no less than 320 no less than 3
H90 C2200 O60 no less than 0.2 no less than 245 no less than 35
H02 330-440 no less than 5
H04 no less than 390 no less than 3
H85 C2300 O60 no less than 0.2 no less than 260 no less than 40 no more than 85
H02 305-380 no less than 15 85-115
H04 no less than 350 no less than 105
H80 C2400 O60 no less than 0.2 no less than 265 no less than 50
H04 no less than 390 no less than 3
H70 H68 H65 C2600C2680 O60 no less than 0.2 no less than 290 no less than 40 no more than 90
H01 325-410 no less than 35 85-115
H02 355-460 no less than 25 100-130
H04 410-540 no less than 13 120-160
H06 520-620 no less than 4 150-190
H08 no less than 570 no less than 180
H63 H62 C2720C2740 O60 no less than 0.2 no less than 290 no less than 35 no more than 95
H02 350-470 no less than 20 90-130
H04 410-630 no less than 10 125-165
H06 no less than 585 no less than 2.5 no less than 155
H59 C2801 O60 no less than 0.2 no less than 290 no less than 10
H04 no less than 410 no less than 5 no less than 130

Our History

ИНДУСТРИСИ ВО ВКУС СО., ООД. (Член на ХУАХОНГ ГРУП) е водечки снабдувач на врвни производи од бакар и месинг, SMAK started copper & brass industry in 2008. Од основањето, СМАК даде добар придонес за своите клиенти , повеќето од нив се средни и мали претпријатија.
Today SMAK has established itself as the most trusted company. SMAK has innumerable satisfied clients for the product’s quality and performance.
Based on the mid-range market positioning and medium and small-sized enterprises as target, SMAK concentrated on the copper & brass industry with more than 10 долгогодишно искуство, SMAK има одлично разбирање за техничките услови за странство и локален клиент, which includes applications in:
• Air conditioning
• Refrigeration
• Water supply
• Electrical components
• Heating
• Sanitation
With many years’ experience supplying a range of medium and small-sized international customers, SMAK has achieved an excellent reputation as a flexible and adaptive supplier. SMAK ensure that every piece of our copper & brass is fully according with international or customer standard.
SMAK’s success in the field of Metal is grounded in experience that was build up throughout years of proven responsibilities. Whether a project is a large one or small, our staff approaches with the same unwavering dedication to comply with customer’s satisfaction.
We are confident that the service of our staff and the support of our customers will lead both of us to a brighter future.

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Our Factory

ИНДУСТРИСИ ВО ВКУС СО., ООД (Член на ХУАХОНГ ГРУП ) is the leading enterprises that processing Copper tube and busbar in China with copper products output over 120,000 tons in 2018, locate in Foshan city, Canton province, which just take 40 minutes from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. We specialize in producing copper product, including copper tube for ACR, and busbar.

We are one of the most professional copper manufacturers in China, со повеќе од 20 years experience. We are the biggest copper tube supplier in the Canton province, where has the most developed Air-conditioning industry in the world, produced 612,931,82 sets in 2018, possess 48.5% of total output in China.


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