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Copper rod & bus bar is the richly historied product in MKM. They are widely used as the conductor in electrical product, as its high-conductivity

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Copper rod & bus bar is the richly historied product in MKM. They are widely used as the conductor in electrical product, as its high-conductivity. On the other hand, they are widely used as radiator in electrical product, as its high- thermal conduction. MKM gain a great reputation in China, where is famous as the capital of the IT industrial in the world. And we have built more than ten years partnership with the main manufacturers here. All of them are according with JISH3100, JISH3250 and JISH3140.

Our History

SMAK INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. (A Member of HUAHONG GROUP) is a leading supplier for the premium Copper and Brass products, SMAK started copper & brass industry in 2008. Since its establishment, SMAK has made good contribution for its customers , most of who are medium and small-sized enterprises.
Today SMAK has established itself as the most trusted company. SMAK has innumerable satisfied clients for the product’s quality and performance.
Based on the mid-range market positioning and medium and small-sized enterprises as target, SMAK concentrated on the copper & brass industry with more than 10 years’ experience, SMAK has excellent understanding on technical requirement for the overseas and local customer, which includes applications in:
• Air conditioning
• Refrigeration
• Water supply
• Electrical components
• Heating
• Sanitation
With many years’ experience supplying a range of medium and small-sized international customers, SMAK has achieved an excellent reputation as a flexible and adaptive supplier. SMAK ensure that every piece of our copper & brass is fully according with international or customer standard.
SMAK’s success in the field of Metal is grounded in experience that was build up throughout years of proven responsibilities. Whether a project is a large one or small, our staff approaches with the same unwavering dedication to comply with customer’s satisfaction.
We are confident that the service of our staff and the support of our customers will lead both of us to a brighter future.

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Our Factory

SMAK INDUSTRIES CO., LTD (A Member of HUAHONG GROUP ) is the leading enterprises that processing Copper tube and busbar in China with copper products output over 120,000 tons in 2018, locate in Foshan city, Canton province, which just take 40 minutes from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. We specialize in producing copper product, including copper tube for ACR, and busbar.

We are one of the most professional copper manufacturers in China, with more than 20 years experience. We are the biggest copper tube supplier in the Canton province, where has the most developed Air-conditioning industry in the world, produced 612,931,82 sets in 2018, possess 48.5% of total output in China.




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